The new dimension of gaming!

All around us the city echoes with past lives. These stories live all around us: as whispers in the empty street, strange reflections in the shop window, and eerie echoes in the hallways. Antroposeeni is a game that turns memories into reality and allows players to experience them as sounds and images and videos, pieces of the secret story of the city. Dynamic soundscape and augmented reality technology allow the urban legends, ghost stories and historical events to become real at the actual location.

Flexy 1


See the invisible

Antroposeeni creates a thrilling game world by taking full advantage of the technical features of the modern smart phone. The easiest way to grasp the concept is to experience it yourself. It only takes a minute:

1. Download the FREE Arilyn application to your device from Google Play or AppStore
2. Open the app in your device
3. Use your device to look at the image below (as if you were taking a picture)
4. Wow!

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The field


Unlimited possibilities

Imagine what you just saw happening anywhere in the city. Any surface, space or location in the city can contain a small story or parts of a larger one. Your task is to find them all. By following the clues you’ll see the city in a new light: you finally see the Other Helsinki. Antroposeeni has already begun. From the social media and Keiko Kinosita’s profiles you’ll find more information on what’s to come and how to become part of it.